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His­to­ric Flute Tra­di­ti­ons of Native North Ame­rica in Tran­si­tion: 1890 to the Present online

Tara BrownerArticles and studies, ♯2017/8

Cre­a­ting and playing flu­tes is a practice that dates back thou­sands of years in Native North Ame­rica. While coming close to extin ction in the deca­des after 1900, a few old time players kept the tra­di­tion alive until younger gene…

Con­structing the Sound of Devils: Dialecti­cal Inter­acti­ons between Cul­ture, His­tory, and the Con­struction of the Czech Vozembouch online

William ConnorArticles and studies, ♯2017/8

The vozem­bouch is a folk instru­ment that has evolved through cen­tu­ries of dialecti­cal inter­acti­ons with Slavic (and Ger­manic) cul­tu­res. The instru­ment has deve­loped from a per­cus­sive bowed single­string fid­dle to being primarily…

Recor­ding Direction in the Pro­cess of Sound Recording online

Sylva StejskalováArticles and studies, ♯2017/8

The article deals with the recor­ding of a final work of stu­dents from the Depart­ment of Sound Cre­ation whose spe­ci­a­li­sation is recor­ding direction and sound cre­ation at the Music and Dance Faculty of AMU. The pro­ject was…

Between Catego­ries online

Petr ZvěřinaArticles and studies, ♯2016/7

In my study I pur­sue an impor­tant fea­ture of the late composi­ti­ons by Mor­ton Fel­d­man which directly influen­ces the possi­ble analy­ti­cal appro­ach. The analy­sed composi­ti­ons are nota­ted in a rela­tively stan­dard manner; however, the…

Silent within noise: instru­men­tal saturation online

Jakub RatajArticles and studies, ♯2016/7

This article deals with a new musi­cal pheno­menon – instru­men­tal satu­ration. First I describe the essen­tial composi­ti­o­nal prin­ciple rela­ted with the instru­men­tal satu­ration. Further I men­tion the main per­so­na­li­ties of this…

Con­tempo­rary impro­vi­sation, new music online

Pavel ZlámalArticles and studies, ♯2016/7

The text deals with the field of impro­vi­sation and its posi­tion within the con­text of musi­cal practice. As an active musi­cian in the impro­vi­sed scene, the author focuses on the prin­ciples of impro­vi­sation and their appli­cation in…

Para­digm transformation online

Iva OplištilováArticles and studies, ♯2016/7

The study strives to follow some changes in the per­cep­tion and expe­ri­ence of music ini­ti­a­ted by the innova­tive composi­ti­o­nal pro­cedu­res of the 20th cen­tury. The trans­for­mati­ons are expla­i­ned as shif­ting of boun­da­ries defining…

Briefly on the Ori­gins of Czech Music Acous­tics: From Ryba to Strouhal online

Viktor HruškaArticles and studies, ♯2015/6

The study sum­ma­ri­ses the deve­lop­ment of Czech music acous­tics in the 19th cen­tury, espe¬cially the con­tri­bu­ti­ons of Jakub Jan Ryba and Čeněk Strouhal among others. His­to­ric background and connecti­ons to other sciences are…

Wind Blowing Through Utopia: Form and Imper­manence in New Music  online

Albert BreierArticles and studies, ♯2015/6

Utopian con­cepts have ente­red European thought since the Renaissance. In music, the first futu­rist composer was per­haps Clau­dio Mon­teverdi. He aban­do­ned the tra­di­ti­o­nal archi­tectu­ral devi­ces in favour of free structu­res inspired…