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♯ 2013/4
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Albert Bre­ier and his con­cept of musi­cal form online

Jaroslav ŠťastnýArticles and studies, ♯2013/4

Albert Breier´s music can be cha­rac­te­rized by its chan­ging, but fluent musi­cal course. The composer does not rely so much on composi­ti­o­nal structure, as he does on his playing with the lis­teners´ memory and the awareness of…

Ques­ti­ons con­cerning tec­to­nic thinking in music of the 20th century online

Petr ZvěřinaArticles and studies, ♯2013/4

This study focuses on the tec­to­nic prin­ciples of 20th cen­tury music. A gene­ral tec­to­nics scheme has been cre­a­ted which aids the author to dis­cover and dis­cuss some of these prin­ciples. The recipro­cal relati­on­ships of musical…

Pulse ↔ gesture online

Iva OplištilováArticles and studies, ♯2013/4

The study pre­sen­ted is part of a larger work focusing on the relati­on­ship between musical-​experienced time and objective, mea­su­rable, ast­ro­no­mi­cal time. The kine­aesthe­tic connection of the lis­tener to the pulse that comes from…

An Analy­sis of Form: The Con­cept of kata in Japanese Tra­di­ti­o­nal Music online

Gunnar LinderArticles and studies, ♯2013/4

In this article I attempt a partly new way of analy­sing the clus­ters of sound that con­sti­tute the buil­ding blocks – kata – of the fun­da­men­tal reper­toire of the Japanese bam­boo flute sha­kuhachi. These kata can be per­ce­ived as…

Mime in the Bohuslav Martinů´s oeuvre online

Radim VizváryArticles and studies, ♯2013/4

Composer Bohuslav Mar­tinů had a clear con­cep­tion of his work The­a­ter Beyond the Gate, which to a great degree was a sty­lis­tic response to the most modern avant-​garde ten­den­cies in music and the­a­ter, while also being firmly…

Research in dance: the issues of the con­tempo­rary metho­do­logies and approaches online

Lucie BurešováArticles and studies, ♯2013/4

In the essay Dance research: on con­tempo­rary methods and appro­a­ches the author specula­tes about the use and label­ling of diffe­rent metho­do­logies in dance research. Con­si­de­ring her own research expe­ri­ence, Lucie Bure­šová argues…